It all started with a free jeep& moved on to a $200 dollar jeep. After getting the GPW home I started looking it over. JUNK, DENTS, HOLES,BENT PARTS, MISSING STUFF and NO SEATS. I started looking for an engine and found a F head 134 Jeep engine for $50 bucks. The guy I bought it from said it was tired but still ran. I figured it would do until I found the correct L head 134 (flathead) it did. Although that actually turned out to be about four years of brutal hard core wheeling.  Every time I crossed tracks with that guy he would shake his head in disbelief that it was still running. It did finally lose a piece of ring land on the #4 piston and gouged the block thereby losing what precious little compression it still had. Probably from running it on the highway at what sounded like 9000 rpm.  I  swapped in some axles from a parts 2A I had collected along the way, welded the rear spider gears up on the Dana 41 10 spline axle and wheeled it pretty much like that for years.  Only broke 2 axle shafts all that time on 33 inch tires. One at the Kremmling rock crawl and one in Moab about a couple of months later. Had to dissassemble the rearend to get the broken piece out. That picnic table probably never was right after that!  During the buildup I got an old CJ 5 top and sorta made it work. It had lotsa extra wrinkles and never did quite fit right. It wasnt warm inside but at least it kept a person from freezing to death. This thing needed a better low gear and I set out to find a solution for this problem.  The crawl ratio on this jeep was only 36 to one. Not bad, and probably adequate with a strong engine at sea level.  At home the elevation is 5500′ and the mountains go up quick from there. About this time, the input gear on the T 90 loses it’s teeth (the first time for this jeep) necessitating a replacement. The solution? A T 18 from a scout. I knew that the adapter on the back of the scout trans would work if I used the Dana 20 case and put my 18 guts in it. ( I already had a 1 1/4 shaft small hole case in the jeep)  Now the frontend of a scout trans won’t work at all up against a Willys engine. So, being the type that does’nt give up I machined the huge scout input down to Willys size and re-splined it on my antique metal lathe ( It took two months). I had a Machine shop bore out the bellhousing and I drilled the willys bolt pattern into the front of the scout case. Clutch linkage was changed to hydraulic and pedals moved to the firewall at the same time. Now the crawl ratio is 86 to one and the teeth on the gears stay put.


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