Jeeps. Grease, Rust, Dents & Bondo

Ahhh, Jeeps…. There must be a lot of magic in one of these things to make a person build these things and I don’t mean buy a brand new wrangler slap some cool tires and rims and maybe coupla inches of lift… no, I mean get a beat to death willys project someone else gave up on. I love to go to Moab – As in go jeeping fo a week or so. Problem is about middle of January or so I start thinking about what to take. Now I could take the trusty old Ford GPW I have taken wheeling for years.  This beat to death flattie captured my heart years ago and subsequently followed me home from a junkyard ( Not one of those AUTOMTIVE RECYCLING FACILITIES that you see these days) this place was a real junkyard the kind where you watch where you step.  Now this jeep still looks pretty much like it did years ago except for 37 inch tires, dana 44 frontend, 9 inch Ford rearend, Mercedes 2.2 nonturbo diesel, T-18 transmission and power steering made nessesary by having the axles locked. But back to the problem… that jeep kicks butt too much.  So, for the people I tend to wheel with I figure to start over with something more stock. I’ve got a 48 CJ 2A that is pretty stock complete with RUST DENTS GREASE & BONDO. Oh yeah, a T 90 with a chipped reverse gear from plowing snow and a Rancho overdrive that actually works ( These things were a slightly modified  overdrive fom a 50’S Studebaker car bolted to the jeep transfercase) a F head engine with side draft carb to fit the hood. Tires are some well used 235/85/16 load range E  rollers, a couple of them even match. I have actually  driven and wheeled this thing and it was actually pretty fun. It totally will NOT kick butt like the GPW , you actually have to work at steering this thing and you have to slip the clutch over the rough stuff. There really isnt a smell that can compare with stock flatfender smell (GAS, GEAR LUBE, BURNT CLUTCH & slightly rotten SEAT UPHOLSTERY) MMMMMMMMMMM. So the plan is to get this thing into shape for Moab by the end of April   


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