Cummins Diesel

Jeeps…. Diesel engines…. Jeep never really did put together the right combination of vehicle and diesel engine. Sure, Cerlist engines existed but have you ever seen one? Renault diesel Cherokee?  Nissan SD33 in a CJ10? Yeah, they existed. Some were better than others but they arent seen around anymore. Liberty CRD 2.8?  Sorry, the libby just isnt really a jeep to me (though I would love to stick that engine in a flatfender!) so what to do? Build my own Diesel Jeep in the form of a civilianized M 715 army truck. These 1 1/4 ton trucks built for the Vietnam War between 1967 & 1969 were built with some of the most heavy duty parts of the day. Jeepers nowadays dream of getting a dana 60 front axle for thier jeep. These things had em as factory equipment. and a dana 70 rear!  38 inch tires fit without lifting it. The only real bummer about these trucks was the 230 cubic inch straight six that had a reputation for spitting expensive engine internals out through the bottom of the oil pan. The gearing in these trucks is 5.89 to one. Pretty slow….. 50-55 mph tops. Well, I found one of these trucks a while back, nice rust free example and put a 4BT Cummins turbodiesel in it . Sounds simple right?  Actually is if you can weld a little. I re geared it with some used junkyard 4.11 gears and some power lock differentials since they had to be changed anyway. 25 mpg easy and not nearly as loud as everyone says they are but I still pulled that engine out. Why? A 6BT entered the picture and if some is good well a lot more could only be a whole bunch better! So I took the truck back apart and fitted the Cummins 6  and Ford ZF 5 speed in there. Also swapped a civilian cab on there. AHH QUIET.   The Cummins fits but just barely clearing the firewall and has about 2 inches on the front….. no room for a mechanical fan. Wow does this thing GO. 400 foot pounds of diesel torque on tap at the twist of an ankle. Mathematically it should go 98 MPH. Havent tried but I dont doubt it at all as it cruises real nice at 70-75. Passing doesnt require a downshift and best of all it gets 22MPG. Thank you Cummins!!!! 


One response to “Cummins Diesel

  1. the 715 is a real head-turner!
    Maybe the “hummer recovery vehicle” bumper sticker has something to do with it. You should see the looks he gets from the Hummer drivers! 😀

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