I have been informed by the powers that be, that a flatfender is not big enough for the family to take on a trip to Moab. Fortunately, I have a big Wagoneer that I have been playing with for awhile. It was dubbed the CANYONERO (OF COURSE). It is a 1980 LIMITED with gas suckin’ 360 AMC engine, TF 727 transmission, and 219 transfercase.   Axles currently are the factory Dana 44 & AMC 20. Complete with 3.31 gears. The plan? Well, since I like diesel engines it seems natural to install one.  A 6.2 GM Diesel. Thats the plan, with a turbo 400 & 208 tranfercase. Axles will be a 8-lug Dana 44 front with a Ford sterling rear both with 4.11 gears. 37 inch H1 tires and beadlock rims will serve nicely. Why this particular combination of junk? Well, I already own all this stuff so it will keep the cost reasonable. Stay tuned. The madness will be starting soon.  


One response to “CHANGE OF PLAN

  1. I feel powerful!
    Hey, the kid’s legs are getting longer by the day. Squeezing him between us, straddling the shifter ain’t so workable any more.

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