48 Chevy Truck

 It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything but today was an experience that needed to be told.

It seems my vehicles like to gang up on me…… The steering shaft on the M715 is currently non operational due to a failed rag joint…. the crank position sensor died on the Jeep Cherokee….Commanche project still waits to be finished ( more on that one later). 50 Chevy Truck, yep that one runs…Dang!!!!…Licence plate just expired…about three months ago..GRRRRR. Diesel Wagoneer project? Yeah that’s coming along at a speed that rivals the LONG TERM CHORE LIST for getting done. This morning was going like this, and to make things worse I needed to haul a load of decking for a friend. What to do? Years ago I aquired from my buddy “Crash” a rust free but thourougly thrashed 1948 Chevy 3/4 ton truck still powered by a 216 cubic inch “dip & drip babbit pounder” Chevy six that had 86 horsepower new ( at sea level and optimum humidity). This engine probably does’nt have half that left in it now and is clearly well past I’ts prime years. This truck is usually called on to deliver the trash to the end of the driveway (perhaps 50 yards long) so horsepower and working brakes are not absolute reqirements. So after bleeding the brakes pouring a gallon of water in the radiator and putting a couple quarts of oil in the engine ( extra of everything in the bed) tossed in a pair of pliers and a 5-in-1 type screwdriver and headed to town listening concernedly all the way to rattles and noises that don’t ordinarily manifest themselves at driveway speeds. In 15 miles to town and the Lowes where all the materials were I remembered what it is I like about these old trucks. You drive a little slower, more people wave and you cannot help but be drawn into conversations at the gas station, hardware store, or wherever that truck goes.  We loaded the old truck full of  deck materials and delivered it all without even a hint of vapor lock ( a common malady on any old carburated vehicle on 90 degree days). As I was driving back home down the bumpy dirt county roads near home ( each and every washboard bump magnified many times over ) I contemplated how lucky we are to have modern cars with radial tires , soft supple suspensions, air conditioning, power steering and brakes, tilt steering columns, FM stereo, satellite radio and a host of other modern conveniences. You know what though?  I’m driving that truck again tommorow.


One response to “48 Chevy Truck

  1. May I just say you look mighty fine with your elbow hanging out the window and big grin on your face.

    Just don’t forget you promised that truck to me – cherry red with cream rims. 😛

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