Project Comanche 240D D as in DEAD or D’OH

I killed it. Yep the poor little Mercedes 240d om616 non-turbo died after I ran it out of coolant and  failed to notice until it had gotten hot enough to kill off the head gasket.  It wouldnt even start unless it was pull started and even then had about .3 horsepower left.   Now, this would normally be a total deal breaker for a project like this except, that my neighbor had given me a Mercedes 300d om617 turbo motor a while back so…. In two days the 240 came out and the 300 engine went in and I drove it again last night. Wheeeeeee!!!! Wow! that extra cylinder (yeah the 300 engine is a FIVE cylinder engine) and a turbo makes this thing really fly. I reused the engine mounts. The extra length went backwards so the rear crossmember went back but amazingly lined up with existing holes. The turbo required a different exhaust so I fabbed up a new 2 1/2″ system starting with a modified factory downpipe and no muffler exiting in front of the right rear tire.  Irritatingly, it is actually too quiet – quieter than the 240 was with a turbo style muffler.  Another stroke of luck, a rear driveshaft was sourced from the parts stash that was exactly the perfect length ( I think it was leftover from a past swap project V8 VEGA ).  I used the 240 flywheel and it works good. Yes, the balance issue – well i’ve read the factory service manual about it and decided to bolt it on and see for myself. I have known other people that had no balance issues and this one is also smooth – smoother than the 240 was even all the way up to redline at around 5000 RPM ( YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY).  I should probably have done this the first time and it WAS made easier since I had used some 300D parts on the 240D build like the radiator and oil cooler.  Gonna take it to the local U-Pull-it parts recycling facility tomorrow and see how it does on a long run as the place is a good 50 miles from home.  I’ll let you know!!!!


2 responses to “Project Comanche 240D D as in DEAD or D’OH

  1. Was it hard to get the bigger engine to fit?
    I’d love to hear how it’s doing today!

    • Its still running! has so far survived two moab trips and a bunch of colorado trails….still gets outstanding mileage for a lifted truck on 33 inch tires ( 32 mpg.usually).. Not too bad for something that was thrown together as a proof of concept idea….fitment is tight but it fits…

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