Marge gets Her Truck- A ’52 Chevy 1/2 ton

 So, a few weeks ago my sweet love asked to borrow my beloved 50 Chevy pickup- the truck I have never ever let ANYONE borrow EVER.  Seems she thinks it ought to be available for her use so as to be able to run off to the hardware store, rock quarry or god forbid- Ikea or somesuch.  Now it might seem a little mean as the old truck does sit around a fair bit waiting for me to drive it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do drive my truck for many good reasons like the fact that the world moves a little slower when viewed from inside that small old cab- people wave and depression doesn’t seem to be able to penetrate the ratty old door seals that I hope to someday bother replacing. I also drive this truck anytime I go to see my friend Crash, just to rub in the fact that his ’47 pickup is still just a pile of parts. That truck is special in a way that words cannot really express. It is my own little personal escape- it suits me well. For Marge- I obtained a ’52 Chevy 1/2 ton shortbox pickup truck.  It is the same body style truck as mine ( Chevrolet called these trucks built between 1947-1953 the ADVANCE DESIGN SERIES) and is an amzingly rust free example. Perhaps this was helped by the fact that I have discovered multiple coats of paint ( Lovingly or otherwise ) applied by previous owners.  In order from top to bare metal – primer, brown, black, dark blue, light blue, light green and dark green- the factory farm truck green.  There is no engine or transmission installed but I have been saving many old truck parts for just this purpose for years just waiting for this opportunity. The engine is a very desirable and rare ’53 235 cubic inch six cylinder lovingly known the world round as the legendary Stovebolt Chevy Six. The transmission will be the stock and nearly indestructible granny gear sm420 four speed manual hooked up to the original torque tube rear axle. Future plans will probably involve a  S10 T5 five speed and open driveshaft conversion like I did to the 50 pickup a few years back.  Marge has already been removing the paint from the inside of the cab in preparation for a nice fresh coat of paint ( something in a nice non-lead based formula ) to make the inside really something special. I have been tackling the mechanical bits and pieces and removing old paint from the outside of the cab so that it can also be painted. The fenders and other body parts will be next in line and will be attached as they are ready. Hopefully, soon she will have her own truck ( something long in coming ) and she will be able to experience the joy of having an old truck.


2 responses to “Marge gets Her Truck- A ’52 Chevy 1/2 ton

  1. Hi there,

    I looked over your blog and it looks really good. Do you ever do link exchanges on your blog roll? If you do, I’d like to exchange links with you.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


  2. Well, the way she blogs about it she is going to be very happy indeed! I learned to drive on one of these old Chevys. Too bad my Grandpa left it on the farm he sold, or all three of us could have a cool old truck!

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