Jeep Wagoneer Diesel Project Canyonero Progress…..

Ok, anyone reading this knows I don’t regularly post new stuff on here daily, so a lot of stuff goes on in between posts.  I have been busy with all variety of work/income related projects so, it is with great pleasure that I finally return to the Wagoneer project that I pulled the engine ( the stock AMC 360 ) out of back in the spring. Last night, I fitted the new engine, a GM 6.2 diesel- not the well known and hated 5.7 Olds diesel but the much better Detroit Diesel designed 6.2. Now before you think I have completely lost my mind and tell me that the 6.2 will never compare to the Cummins in my M715 please know that I am well versed in the ups and downs of both engine designs. The M715 was built to tow, haul ( boy does it haul ) and wheel. The Cummins does that. For this Wagoneer, however someting a little less industrial was called for and as I was already in possession of this particular engine- a known quantity that came from a school district pickup truck. I decided to make this work. These engines could have been installed stock they fit so well ( why not?Jeep bought other GM engines in the 80’s ) and Jeep would have had a Wagoneer with fuel mileage in the 20’s. So, back to the project, the engine, turbo 400 transmission and dana 20 transfercase are installed, driveshaft in, shift linkage fabricated and crossmember reinstalled with mounts. Still, there is a lot to do to get this thing ready to drive as a nice cruiser so I’ve gotta get back to it. Later!


One response to “Jeep Wagoneer Diesel Project Canyonero Progress…..

  1. Joseph Martinez

    i am waiting to hear the results of your build I own a 89 waggy grey with red interior

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