New / old project 1926 MODEL T ROADSTER PICKUP

Well, the old man finally got tired of storing my Model T and dropped it off here last night.   When I moved out here to the country I really lacked a good dry storage spot for the thing and he said I could keep it in his garage for awhile… Well… that WAS about three years ago and since he is now retired he is busier than ever and needed the space for the multitude of irons-in-the-fire type projects he has going these days.  So, what I have here is another of my 1/2 done projects…. mechanically, perfect. The body is actually almost ready for paint, it just needs a little wet sand detail work to be ready. The fenders are a little rougher but have shaped up nicely thanks to an old school buddy that understands vintage tin. WAIT!….. Fenders on a hot rod Ford? Anyone who knows me knows that nothing that I own or drive stays stock long but, this one is gonna be mostly stock with the few alterations being period accessories. Like Rocky Mountain Brakes, a Ruckstell 2 speed rear axle and a muncie auxillary transmission with overdrive so I can drive 21st century speeds with 1908 technology  brakes and steering (hey.. was technology even a word in1908?)…….. or maybe not! Not one of my friends that is in the hotrod scene has a car that has’nt been chopped, filled, hammered, sectioned, leaded, pie-cut, channeled, frenched, rechromed, dechromed, lowered, ported, relieved, stroked and bored. One of them will probably do a lot more than 140 floored! The sight of all this vintage tin causes them to consider all kinds of horrible fates for my poor little T. Color is going to be the stock Ford commercial green yep-green. I gotta do my part for the green movement although this particular green movement might not go anywhere fast. Remember when GREEN meant unlearnt or untrained or untested?  Wait…..yeah, I guess actually now that I think about it… the definition still applies! The old T runs and drives now so hopfully the paint fairy will come along and get this thing rolling. When I actually get this thing done I intend to drive it to the top of Mt MClelland to the end of the Argentine Central Railroad grade above Georgetown Co. It’s a Jeep road, But i’m willing to bet Model T’s saw rougher roads than this when they were new. There are historic pictures of 20’s vintage cars up there back in the day,after the rails were torn out,  complete with picnic lunch. I will probably have the Lewis Sweet Shop in Empire Co. pack the lunch for me.  Actually, the intrepid 1930’s motorized adventurers might have done the same…. that place has been around a LONG time!!!!   Time to go… must…. read…. restoration……..handbook……….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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