I hate the cold (and it’s not even winter yet)

Dangit, I HATE being cold. Winter isn’t even officialy here yet and already I am already sick and tired of being cold. I was born and raised in Colorado and you would think that I would be used to the cold after 35 years. Remember Ralphies little brother all bundled up in the Christmas Story Movie?  Yeah, THAT would be me. Global warming just seems like some kind of cruel joke to me. Perhaps the problem is that we had a very mild fall and I got used to it and now i’m just being bitter. Working on cars in the winter is a thankless job made worse by the indignity of water and mud dripping all over you. The concrete floor in my workshop is apparently the worlds largest cold sink and is cold even in the summer. The doors on the workshop open to the north so that when it is not iced over it is muddy and wet. Thank goodness for the heater of my own construction that feeds on dead dinosaur carcasses and beetle kill. It warms an area of about 6′ diameter to about 9000 degrees but doesn’t look anything like the heater in the BURBS movie. Outside of that diameter and near the floor a person is probably risking frostbite exposure or at least it sometimes feels that way. Probably more insulation will have to get added soon or perhaps some solar designs just to help a little. Gotta go split more firewood so I don’t freeze to death. Later!


One response to “I hate the cold (and it’s not even winter yet)

  1. You’ll shoot your eye out!

    (couldn’t help myself)

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