Diesel Fuel Getting Cheaper Than Gasoline?

The news story I read today had some welcome info- it said that the price of diesel fuel would likely soon be cheaper than gas!  I have noticed recently that the price spread that has been as much as a dollar a gallon higher for diesel has now been reduced to as little as 15-20 cents a gallon. Now I am a healthy skeptic so while I realize that diesel use is down because semi trucks are not delivering goods to people who cannot afford them I am looking beyond this and thinking of other reasons. I have had a suspicion that when it looked like the biodiesel entrepreneures would really find a way to make and market a realistic product that the oil companies would slash the price of petrodiesel to make it impossible for biodiesel to be realistic to produce.  Biodiesel made from algae is going to soon be available and it does not steal away from our food supply- it in fact can be fertilized and fed sewage and co2 from waste products.  Some companies are contemplating building algae plants (Ha Ha I made a pun! ) near coal or natural gas power plants thus rendering the power carbon neutral. On a side note, I believe that the carbon credit scam er, scheme is the biggest load of s#!t ever to be foisted on people since Ponzi thought up the pyramid scheme.  Historically,  in Catholicism you could buy an “indulgence” knowing ahead of time the particular sin you intended to commit by paying  off the church and presumably God as well.  Enter Al Gore, inventer of the internet, Nobel prize winner for environmentalism who flew to accept it on a personal jet with two people on board, and owner of a huge  house whose power bills are legendary, wants to sell everyone on global warming ( of course he does, he is the one selling these modern day indulgences ) while he lives the charmed life and then looks down on everyone else, tells us that WE are sinners! Anyway, I digress, (rant rant) I want to see alternative fuels succeed just because we will eventually need to get energy from somewhere and I am not personally willing to give up my chosen lifestyle, sinner that I am. Detroit says they are going to be building vehicles that get better mileage soon and that clean burning diesels will be a big part of the strategy- i hope so, I know it can be done as I have done it personally. The Diesel powered Commanche truck has averaged around 30 MPG and it is built using a state of the art 1960s technology Mercedes OM617 five cylinder diesel. I know however, that diesel tech has improved considerably in the intervening 40 years. In Europe they have been building 50+ mpg diesel cars for years- you just cannot buy them in the USA as the DOT says they are unsafe for our roads.  Instead, to get 50+ mpg you can get a nice, safe, motorscooter or motorcycle – at least the hospitals get a nice steady stream of donated organs this way. I think cars are actually much TOO safe these days as people drive them as if they are absolutely invincible.  Need seatbelt use to go up? Want everyone to drive slower? Pay attention better?  Cars could have a 6 inch rusty metal spike affixed to the steering wheel center! Still feel like swerving in and out of traffic? Still, I am happy that diesel is getting cheaper. Now I guess I will have to work on all that other stuff.  Oh yeah, I did finally break down and buy those AC Delco 60g glow plugs for the Canyonero Wagoneer project. Details soon.


One response to “Diesel Fuel Getting Cheaper Than Gasoline?

  1. yes yes i so agree with these cars are too safe! we could just make everyone drive datsun b210’s (death traps) but think of the gas milage! my problem with the market is that hydrogen has been made out to be unsafe… they always bring up the hindenberg, but if that thing was full of gasoline fumes the whole state of new jersy would have been a mile deep hole in the ground. hydrogen powered land speed runs at bonneville were banned because the officials deemed the fuel to unsafe! there seems to no reserch into cheep hydrogen or you just never here about it…thanks for the rant…bubba

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