Frantic Countdown To MOAB!!!!!!!!!!

As usual, every year I get to about 6 weeks before the annual Moab trip and realise that I don’t have a jeep ready for the trip.  So, here I am sitting here at the computer wasting time… at 11:47 pm wondering what-in-the-hell I am going to do. Option 1: Take the M715. It only needs the oil changed to be ready but I sat out the Pritchett canyon run last year because I really DID NOT want to wreck all the hard work I have put into this truck (the truck is undoubtedly capable I just do not wish to dent it up). Option 2:  Get the GPW out and install the low range box  (think warn UNDERdrive )a power steering hose, clean up some details and wheel it in it’s dented to hell glory. Pritchett canyon here we come! Option 3: put lockers in the Commanche. This pretty much rules out Pritchett….as I am pretty happy with the MJ’s virgin rustfree tin. Anyway, I still have to figure out everyone elses rides before mine get worked on. Oh yeah, the motorhome still needs a kitchen. Six weeks….. tick… tock… tick… tock.  Almost makes a person wish they were in a dream they wake up from and find they are actually an investment manager that sells some nice relaxing derivative portfolios or perhaps an insurance agent selling flood insurance in New Orleans…. Anybody out there wanna hear about my super low range spicer 18 T case? Like over 200 to 1 total reduction? How to mate a Mercedes om601 to a Willys bellhousing? A Willys bellhousing to a T18? How about a Borg warner Quadratrac low range unit in the PTO hole of a  spicer 18 T case…? Imagine the joy of 2.4 reduction or 2.6 reduction or the combination of BOTH at 6.24 to 1 all with no added length! Time for bed…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


One response to “Frantic Countdown To MOAB!!!!!!!!!!

  1. you crack me up

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