Still Here! Just Been Super Busy

  Wow! What a month this has been! Went to the Mile High Jeep Club All For Fun event and had a great time even though the t18 transmission in the GPW project locked in 3rd gear on the spring creek trail. I did a little math and figured that in 3rd  and the t-case in double low it still had a 59 to 1 crawl ratio! Still had a great time playing with the m715 as it has no problems getting around. Got a couple new toys since I posted last- a Jeep Cherokee with 33 inch Swampers and an Aussie locker in the rear dana 35 that will probably hit the skids as soon as I can get a Ford 8.8 installed in it. I really do not like dana 35 axles- at least this is a non c- clip one. The other toy is a 1952 Dodge m37 army truck. This truck is a 11,000 mile minimal rust and  is a pretty straight vehicle it still has all the 24 volt water/emp proof electrical stuff. Even all the gauges still work and have the glow in the dark stuff on the pointers (radioactive radium perhaps)! The thing had not run in years but after a thourough fuel system cleaning ( the fuel tank had about a gallon of dry red crusty stuff inside) the truck actually runs. The tank was a real pain to get out and back in (thanks, kyle) but the fuel sender actually worked after cleaning and a new float. The truck needs painted back to od green, a new canvas top and some new canvas seat covers- oh yeah some new tires as the current  900. 16 NDT tires predate the Kennedy administration…… the ones on the front are dated 1953….. for real!  It also has a couple of interesting CIVIL DEFENSE stickers from the fifties.  I will probably let dad paint it up as a USMC maintenance truck like he drove in the Marines… he still remembered the hood number from his truck 40 years ago and he would have this m37  in his driveway in a second if mom would let him…. gotta go… later!


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