Diesel Jeeps. Obsession? Passion? Pure Madness? Yep, Mostly.

I still have not finished the diesel Wagoneer and I’m already planning another diesel Jeep project. I am hoping to pick up a ’50s Willys Jeep truck and put a Cummins4bt in it and build it like the last Willys truck I had except this time, no 350 v8. Probably gonna have to find a front dana 60 (a dually one and use hummer beadlocks) and a dana 70 or 14 bolt rear. Have to get a pretty wide rear axle to use the hummer rims but I think a bread truck one might work…. hopefully, anyway since I already have one… I wonder where that 4bt came from…! Perhaps the a518 automatic and 205 transfercase hiding in the shed that were leftover from the m715 project could be pressed into service….with a 203 low range stuffed in there? I want to paint one of these trucks in a authentic vintage color scheme and then tell the purists that I found it in a old garage or barn…..and then cut it up into THIS!  Actually, the truck I am considering has led anything but a charmed life – nobody wasted any barn space on this one, not in the last 40 or so years anyway!  No motor, transmission, or rear axle remain and the front clip is removed but is lying in the bed. Mismatched paint on various body parts tells a tale of hard work and toil and that function was considerably more important than looks.  So, There you have it. The madness continues…..!


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