Diesel Commanche Gets Powr lok Differential & Locker

The Commanche has been running great! The little 3 liter Mercedes diesel just purrs along the roads but, has never been 4 wheeling- not yet. Well, this weekend that is gonna change as I’m taking the truck up in the hills and playing in the snow. I finally got around to installing the front axle gears and a 30 spline Spicer Powr lok limited slip differential. Now anybody that knows me knows that I really like these particular diffs for their toughness, reliability and ease of servicing. These units have been around about 50 years and can be set up to be very aggressive or fairly mild. I set this one up fairly tight since I have locking hubs there won’t be any steering feedback on the street.  The rear axle has got a lock right detroit style locker in it so it should really kick butt now.  Installed the front driveshaft and t-case shifter linkage and tested the truck in the sloppy mud that the last snowstorm created. Flung mud all over the “back 40” and got plenty on the truck! I will post pics from the wheelin fun this weekend sometime next week.


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