Wheeling The Diesel Comanche/Fun with Friends

Finally did wheel the Comanche last weekend with a small group of good jeepin buddies and had a blast!  The little turbodiesel ran like a champ but did overheat when breaking snowdrifts at full throttle in 3rd gear. Not a biggie, as there was plenty of snow to fling at the radiator to cool it back down. I installed the powr-lok diff in the front axle and it worked perfectly. The rear axle got a lock right and I am less thrilled with it. It has made the truck a bit twitchy on the highway even though I made sure the tires are inflated the same…. The aussie locker in my Cherokee is unnoticeable on the highway and they both work in the same exact way…. apparently not???? Everyone was impressed with the power that was on tap as breaking snowdrifts and powering through snow was not being limited by horsepower but ultimately by available tire traction. This caused lots of snow to become airborne and not just by my truck… also along was a CJ-5 with a 401 AMC v8, a YJ with lockers a couple of open diff buddies and a less than 1000 mile 4 door Rubicon that was being driven  like a 17 year old in a free 89 Ford Fiesta. Yep, we were still having way too much fun when the sun decided to depart for the day. Sadly, we turned around and headed downhill but the fun was not over yet. On the way home, buddy in YJ calls and says he got a report of a certain 401 powered CJ with a flat on the highway. Guess who was carrying his jack????? Yeah, me. I also have the only 7/8 socket anywhere in the county that he needs so, I turn around and find our hapless er, jackless um, socketless and somewhat frozen jeeper standing on the side of the road waiting. He knew we would be back eventually…….. We changed the tire and headed home… a fun day… I hope to do it again soon!


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