The Annual Moab Trip…… ALREADY!?!?!?

Already it is MOAB thrash season again!  Before the annual moab trip I need to build several other peoples jeeps including Dana 44 axles for a TJ a pair of Dana 44 axles for a cherokee and my Cherokee an 88 4 door 4.0 automatic. The Cherokee got thrown together in a week-and-a-half for all 4 fun last summer with rear Aussie locker, homebrew random leftover mismatch lift kit ( 4 INCHES ), some half life 33 inch swamper radials and I still have a total investment in this of $0. That’s right, Zero. Well, not including gas,tags,oil,antifreeze,some more oil and tollroad fees. This is what I’m taking to moab this year so the dana 35 has to go- sure I could take spares for it in case of breakage but it just has to go- on principle! I tell everyone else to dump those things so….. I will too. I have three axle choices sitting around in my parts stash- a dana 44 Comanche metric ton axle, a Ford explorer disc brake 8.8 OR the preferred option-a TJ rubicon dana 44 with 4.10 gears, selectable locker and disc brakes. I will need to scrounge a set of dana 30 4.10 gears for the front axle to ride on yet another powr loc limited slip diff pilfered from a volvo rear axle…..Oh yeah, I’m changing the front housing to a non-disconnect housing. I probably wouldn’t have bothered but a LITTLE jump on Slaughterhouse gulch trail made this one unsuitable for further use….ask me sometime how dana 30 axles and air don’t mix well….only thought I was gonna actually die for about 42 milliseconds but, it all turned out OK! ALSO check out the video on YOU TUBE  “KILLING A CHEROKEE” WOW!  Those little unitbody jeeps are tougher than you’d think! BTW, NO, that is not my Cherokee so don’t send me any hatemail about doing it in ( that cherokee WAS nicer than the one I am building ).  Oh well, that’s all for tonight HOMER


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