Update! Nothing is getting done…. Ok, nothing fun anyway….

Ok, so between work and my continually painful back I have not managed to do anything of importance….so…. i’m gonna get the thing hacked on. Yep, after putting off surgery for 21 years i’m at the point where there is no more sense in putting it off any longer as i am currently hobbled up enough to cause no end of grief to me and everyone around me… I am one cranky, ornery, sarcastic, mean, rotten, miserable wrench-spinner. Especially when i’m not wrench spinning…. as anyone who knows me will attest- that is what keeps me happy. I will let everyone know how things work out by writing here….probably under the influence of various narcotic painkillers that relax the brain as well as anything else! Should be interesting- hopefully Marge will keep me in check so I don’t turn into Howard Hughes… so if i’m writing total garbage please tell her to cut back on the meds a little. Or for yucks call her and tell her to double them up and see what happens….but im only one monkey and nobody uses typewriters anymore. Stay tuned…


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