I Like Jeeps.

I like jeeps…as sung like Tom T. Hall’s I like beer… Yep I do like em….In the last month I’ve picked up a 71 cj5 for parts… a 58 Willys wagon or two…… a 59 Willys truck….

helped a buddy pick up a cj6 with a super rare t98 four speed transmission and pto winch…..worked on a 86 vw jetta diesel…..owned by a fellow jeeper and diesel freak…. I like jeeps…. So i got a couple willys wagons…..one, a total wreck literally…. the frame is broken off at the firewall and it got hit hard! Some good parts tho…the other is a old school survivor with pto winch, vintage pinstriping, a running 226 Tropical Depression six cylinder ( if you ever tried to hurry somewhere in one you know it sure wasn’t a SUPER Hurricane…) a set of ancient armstrong tires and the obligatory whiskey dents.  I cant wait to cruise around in it….Im thinking of a  GM TBI conversion on the 226….just for kicks….maybe a modern transmission….otherwise, i’m gonna  leave it alone and putt around in it like its worth a million bux… even if im short on that by $999,175…. The Willys truck is gonna be a rat rod of some kind….i think….maybe with a 4.0 jeep motor with 3 dcoe weber carbs and zoomie pipes out one side…the purists will likely freak…. time will tell… Im getting back into the swing of things with my back and the job and have had way too little time building stuff for me….that’s gonna change….I’ll jeep to that!


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