Willys Wagon Quarter Panel Repair Part 1

Ok, so this is the new Willys project…. it has the obligatory rust issues…. and some D.S.P.O. caused issues…. Like this nifty gash and crash damage in the front end of the quarter panel…..
Now, I could just buy some new quarter panels and weld em on….. but we all know im much too cheap to make that happen….so, instead how bout a bit of old fashioned metal working…..

Boy, this looks bad don’t it?  But all the metal was still there… just curled around inside the gash area… I’m welding and shaping in little increments here…note the original paint isn’t even melting…. Yes i cleaned the welded spots… That’s the welder ground in the lower left. Lots of hammer n dolly work to get this to lay back flat….plus a body indent area to reshape… oh, and a body brace behind this area to work around….

Adjacent to the damaged area is this rust hole I have trimmed out to prepare for a new piece of metal… The chipped up paint from the hammer and dolly work make this look MUCH worse than it actually is….all the rusty stuff is inside the trimmed out area.

Here is the new piece of metal  inserted into the cut hole ready for welding…..This is a a one little spot of weld at a time kinda thing…..then re tap n nudge to try to keep the piece flat….It will try to warp up out of the hole….Don’t for a second think that you can weld this in one pass around the patch….It’ll warp all to hell and almost certainly burn through…. Easy does it…

Then carefully grind smooth, keeping the grinder moving around so as to not heat up the metal too much….If you leave blue spots the metal is getting hot and probably thin too… At this point I cleaned up the old paint and primered the area to keep it from rusting…..

This still needs a bit more work before paint is gonna happen but, a smidge of filler will finish this area up pretty well….Next time, the rear part of the quarter panel will get some attention….. This blog took much longer to write than it took to do this repair…..Get out in that garage and get those old Willys runnin!


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