Moab Thrash Time Again!

Well its that time of year again…. the Moab pre trip thrashfest… usual, i’m not sure what to take out there to wheel…. Last year I took the Cherokee….it still runs perfectly, wheels nice, drives down the highway and hauls everything that we need it to….but….i’m a sucker for a new project…so i might take the Willys wagon… or perhaps the old reliable CJ2A we call Frankie…. The GPW is always a possiblilty….as is the M715….which has the added bonus of being one of the most highway friendly jeeps in the fleet….( DISCLAIMER: M715 TRUCKS ARE NOT HIGHWAY FRIENDLY IN STOCK TRIM. NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY.) With near 300hp and 600 lb-ft on tap it goes astoundingly well….even gets around 25 mpg….has power loks in both diffs and it gets lots of looks…. I suppose I will figure it out pretty soon. I also need to put a engine in the RV as the current 454 chevy is toast…so that’s another whole huge project also….Its gettin a 6bt cummins from a city bus and a allison at545 automatic…. and a spicer over/under auxillary gearbox that should make the RV really work nice. There are some big hills ( EISENHOWER TUNNEL 11,000 FT)  between here and Moab. I  always wish for more gears anytime I have to go over those mountains so, this should do the trick… not gonna be very fun tho…. I gotta do it outside…. and I have been working crazy hours so its gonna be an interesting spring for sure!




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