Willys Trucks Love Me…..

I have been really busy lately.. as usual…but still have somehow managed to collect up 3 more cool old Willys Jeeps in the past month. Wound up with parts from a couple of other peoples projects to build one just from parts… another, a ’50 came with a flathead Ford V8 and has nice solid floors. Im still not even sure what to do with that one yet but I couldn’t say no…. One other cab is now cut up in the garage waiting to have two more doors added to it. Been parting out a crashed wagon for donor parts for that fun little project. And I’ve been working on putting a om617 Mercedes turbo diesel in yet another Willys pickup….. that one is a ’57 that i picked up last year. The engine is installed now and runs good but i still need to do all the wiring for the whole truck. its currently set up with the mercedes automatic as a 2wd but a divorced transfercase will find its way in there at some point. Perhaps i will figure out how to adapt a nv 4500 to that motor at some point in the future… the overdrive would be nifty…mileage probly be pretty good too… More on the diesel Willys and some pics will be coming in a few weeks… maybe… still thrashin for the annual Moab trip so time is hard to come by… but hang in there!


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