1966 Jeep Gladiator Pickup with 230 Tornado!

Well craigslist got me again! A good buddy of mine found a ’66 Jeep Gladiator on craigslist in Pueblo Co…. this is a bit of a drive for me…. but for the sum of $450 I scored a pretty decent ol J truck! There are still some pretty good deals out there if you are still lookin! After getting it home, a brief inspection revealed 4.27 gears and a powr lok rear differential!  Poured some gas into the slightly weepy tank and it actually runs! It has no compression in one cylinder……im guessing a burnt exhaust valve….. the lash isn’t big so its not stuck open…. Darn! Oh well, that would explain why nobody was driving it since 1980….. that’s when the last tag ran out… at 73,000 miles… The silver paint is fried off a significant portion of the truck but the tin has held up amazingly well aside of a few holes in the front floor pan that will be easily fixed. So now i have the usual dilemma…. Fix the stock stuff….or repower it with something a bit newer….. The 230 was not the success story of the era though it is a cool engine design…. I do have a 350 Buick and TH 400 that would go right in there quite nicely! Pics soon!


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