Just catching up…. Livin the dream…

I get to write on here so seldom that an awful lot of stuff transpires in between posts…. I briefly mentioned the Jeep Gladiator pickup…  I  also picked up a 2000 Wrangler TJ…. in bright yellow… My back has been feeling fantastic so I have the tendency to go like a house afire until I drop….sleep awhile and repeat… Had to put a transmission in the diesel Comanche… Seems the other one had all the oil vanish from it….. and I had even checked it before Moab…. Oh well… at least T5 transmissions are cheap n easy to come up with at the local pick n pull yard….. Been messing around with the Willys crew cab project…. mostly enough to make it a royal pain.. as its taking up a lot of space in the toy shop… Been collecting bits n pieces for a couple other Jeep projects gathering dust… Oh yes… totally squandered last weekend racing in a 24 hours of lemons race in a 65 Rambler Marlin…. with a Chevy 454….. and two superchargers…… Look up Rambler Marlin 454 twin superchargers on google to see what sort of silliness my friends and I been up to there… Next time we race the Rambler we are hoping to have a Cummins 6BT stuffed in there… somehow… The Wrangler I had follow me home… always did want one… this one is already built up and has 35 inch tires, 4.88 gears, 4 inch lift and unfortunately, the obligatory Dana 35 rear axle….. soon to be remedied… meanwhile, I have spare shafts on board and enough stuff to change one in the field…. Bought a Ford 7.8 six cylinder  turbo diesel with a mt643 allison attached….. I think im gonna try to squeek it into the RV….I should probly break out a tape measure and see if i’m completely nuts…..That is one big ol motor! Well goodnight! Im crewing a duathlon in the morning…. gotta be up at 4:30…..


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