Contemplating another Diesel Wagoneer Project 6BT Cummins

In the garage sits a ’95 Cummins 6 bt 12 valve P 7100 pump motor… neighbor has a lifted 4 door fullsize cherokee… basically the same as a wagoneer…..and its mine for the taking…. Now I’ve been crazy busy lately with work and keeping up with all sorts of other responsibility but I really want this to happen. This FSJ (fullsize jeep) is a original paint minimal rust unit that has not been driven in at least 6 years…. It’s been in the same spot since I moved to this neighborhood… It has aftermarket gauges, a 4 inch lift, 33 inch BFG mud tires      ( all dry rotted I’m sure) , and a truetrac limited slip in the rear dana 44. It’s also totally lacking motor, trans and transfercase….. so much the better I figure…. saves me the trouble of pullin it all out…. In the place of the original stuff I figure the Cummins hooked up to a Ford ZF 5 speed with a 4bt breadtruck adapter from a Ford chassis truck…. then use a np208 from a 80’s Dodge with a Ford 208 input gear. The same combo of stuff has managed to hold up to the 6BT in the m715 for over 50,000 brutal miles now and has held up amazingly well since the pump is VERY tweeked…governor spring and all! I do have to go easy on the clutch since the single disc clutch is barely able to hold it all….A buddy of mine with a  ’06 Dodge with a programmed common rail was able to beat me by a fender length……but I was towing a trailer… Now I think I need this kind of silliness in a 4 doored package….so the FSJ seems like the ticket as I’m feeling like the Cherokee XJ that I have now is a bit small for all i ask of it and its certainly not up to pulling a trailer or anything… I’ll try and post some pics as this happens…. Whaddya think?


One response to “Contemplating another Diesel Wagoneer Project 6BT Cummins

  1. How’s it going? Things are good here. Haven’t done anything with the 3a yet, but maybe by the end of winter. I’m thinking of a diesel in it. What are your thoughts on a 4BT? What made you go with the Mercedes? Say hello to the MRS.

    Z from MN

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