Current Project List is Crazy! Like me!

Currently, I have a ton of projects on the list…. Been collecting engine bits and drivetrain stuff for the  ’66 J truck… Been building a Flatrod out of a pile of random flatfender jeep stuff lyin around…. Have helped my friends with their Jeep projects. Need to build a rear axle for my 2000 jeep wrangler as the Dana 35 aint gonna hold forever with those 35 inch mudders…. I want to build a diesel wagoneer…..before christmas…. The crew cab willys truck project is still plugging up a big chunk of space in the workshop….havn’t touched it in months… The m715 still needs a front Dana 60 swap…then i can have disc brakes and hubs that will tolerate Cummins torque… Marge wants her Jeep Betty P to have a fuel injected engine by next spring…. My CJ2A Frankie needs a head gasket… i have bubbles in the radiator….even when cold… The Cherokee recently got 4.88- 1 gears which brought the driveline buzz that existed above 75 mph down around 60… I guess im gettin a slip yoke eliminator kit for that one… love the gears tho… Two Willys wagons and  the  mercedes  diesel powered Willys truck await more lovin…. Got a Volkswagen Golf  GTI that I owned years ago back….. no idea what im  gonna do with it…. The motorhome still needs a diesel transplant and I need to do it… just been puttin it off….always somethin that needs done around the ol homestead too….at least I still got my optimism!


One response to “Current Project List is Crazy! Like me!

  1. Thanks for the great conversation on the phone today. You have a great blog and have more projects in the works that would cause the average man to go dizzy thinking about them!

    Jeff from Craig

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