Willys Wagon Fun

So, I been playing with the Willys utility wagon again….still need to install a working front axle in this one…. seems it blew up in the distant past, knocked a big chunk out of the bottom of the diff, was brazed back together but never reassembled with new parts…  Is currently gutted…probly gonna toss another whole axle into it soon as I decide which gears to run. The engine, a 226 Hurricane , is gonna stay as long as it stays running….sounds decent enough so it can stay…just gonna putt it around anyhow…now contemplating colors for it…..the white part is gonna be cream color… the green part…. might stay green but not the Waste Management dumpster green it is now….tryin to decide whether to do light green or a darker green…. Then, some tires will be in order since the vintage recaps will probly fly apart even at the speeds this thing is capable of….


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