Well, Its Moab thrash season AGAIN!

Every spring, I go to Moab with a whole bunch of friends and family…..This has been going on since the early ’80s when some friends and family explored Salt Creek in the Canyonlands Needles district….been hooked ever since. That first trip to Peekaboo Spring and a few subsequent trips to Needles Over Elephant Hill and into the backcountry over the years have always proved to be among the most stunning places on earth…. But, one part of Canyonlands National Park has always eluded me…. The Maze. Its remoteness from anything makes it more challenging to get to and to survive going across….I have looked longingly from vantage points in the Needles to the territory just across the river…..so close…. I sit there on the rocks with much jealousy of the crows that glide effortlessly along on the thermals….for they could be in the maze in 5 minutes…. Anyhow, I’m now pretty determined to cross the Maze District….in a Jeep….Shouldn’t be too difficult after all… there is a Jeep road that traverses the area. Now fuel mileage is gonna be a concern so a diesel is going to be involved… Yep… the Diesel Wagoneer has got to come together… I have all the parts to pull this off, just been lacking the time to pull this off…there are always so many other things going on. Work keeps me busy and for this I am truly blessed. Many unemployed people would love to be in my shoes I’m sure… Nonetheless, I shall make this happen anyhow….details should soon follow I’ll try to get Marge to upload photos of the process…. Something I’m still at her mercy for…She has a crazy workload too….so photos for my blog don’t top her list of fires to put out… more soon…


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