A week from Moab….and I’m gonna make it….I think

So, here it is… a week out from the annual Moab trip….and today’s activity? Most people would be doing a inventory of camping supplies, packing stuff, or maybe cleaning the Jeep out…. Nope! Not me! I gutted the transfercase from our trusty crusty ol ’88 Cherokee. Why you ask? Well, for one, the ‘case needed a slip yoke eliminator to correct a driveline vibe that used to start at about 75 mph when I had 4.10 gears…. Now with the  4.88’s vibes at an irritatingly low 60 or so…. I’m gonna drive this thing 400 miles just to get to where I’m  going to START wheeling. Thus the need for this to be dealt with… My buddy Boston Bob sold me a used Advance Adapters 32 spline SYE kit. I also installed a 2WD low range kit from the Tera-low people that had been collecting dust ( Driving on Moab slickrock is a lot like driving figure 8’s in a dry parking lot in 4WD) to make things easier on the poor little Cherokee. Everything fit together like its supposed to and a stock front Cherokee CV driveshaft works as the rear one…wow. Had one in the parts pile/ thermal mass zone around the woodstove. Also installed a heavy duty tierod for the front steering….the puny stock ones bend real easy…..I know… Now I think I have gotten the last weak spot sorted from this little Jeep… Couple more details and I’m ready to go! Does anyone else reading this think of Quadratrac t cases when ya hear the term figure 8’s and parking lots? If not…you either had the right oil in it or you never owned one…Keep them ol Jeeps runnin!


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