Survived the Annual Trip to Utah!

The annual trip to Utah was the best trip yet….We started the trip by changing the fuel pump in the Cherokee 50 miles from home when it started to lose pressure when it got hot…. Drove all the way to Green River Utah and got a hotel room….ask me some time for a place NOT to stay in Green River… Anyhow, we got up, had a wonderful breakfast and helped my buddy Charlie load his trailer attached to his rockcrawler CJ7. He has to have the trailer for two reasons… One, He is not a minimalist camper….and two, there is almost no room in the CJ for anything besides a couple bags. I was happy to have the trailer along as it had 10 extra gallons of gas for me….I would need it. We headed south from Green River Toward the Maze district of Canyonlands With Myself and Marge, Boston Bob and Sheryl, Hemi Bob, Vic, Jerry and Laurie and Charlie and Lynda .  As we neared the turnoff for the Maze district the Jeep quit running. Fuel pump. Dead. For the second time I take it apart….reinstall the pump I removed the day before…(glad i put it in a baggie) button it all back up and continue on our way….feeling a bit sketched out about not having a “C” plan.  Drove down the Flint trail and made it to the Dollhouse before dark! The next day was spent hiking around in the area. I don’t have nearly enough words to describe this area….go look it up on google. I’ll use one word. AWESOME! We broke camp the next morning and headed for Hite marina to buy gas and splash around in Lake Powell a bit. Had to pour one of the Jerry cans in the Cherokee about 5 miles short of the marina. Was surprised gas was only $4.25 a gallon. Not like ya gonna find any other place… Filled it full. Vic left to return to denver. Drove back up the road we had come from the Maze on but turned at the 4 way intersection onto Poison Springs road. Drove till sunset and camped at the Dirty Devil river. Waded in the river to cool off after a long hot day. Next day Up Poison Spring canyon we go…en route to Hanksville. Charlies CJ has a flat. Somehow manages to cut a 40 inch Super Swamper TSL. On river rock. Whatever. We change it out and continue to a well earned shower and a hotel bed!  Next up….A drive along Capitol Reef N.P. toward Bullfrog marina and Lake Powell again…tho in a completely different area…Took the Ferry across the lake to Halls Crossing and to the Hole in the Rock Trail. Camped a couple miles in… just before it gets tough. This is one long rough tough trail! We spent all day getting to the end and back to a good campsite only halfway back out. And the pioneers did it with wagons. Amazing. Even accounting that it took them months to do it… On the way out, my tailgunner Jerry  was not in sight…  A quick recon discovered him at the bottom of a steep climb with only  the front axle working…not good.. A little investigation revealed sheared ring gear bolts. Boston Bob and I teamed up and pulled him up the last difficult spot…We limp it to the Cal Black Memorial Airport near Halls Crossing. There, we remove the ring gear from the axle so it doesn’t bind up and lock the tires on the highway. That poor parking lot will never be the same I fear….They have gas here too! And cold drinks! You have to drive on the taxiway to get to the pumps….No planes took off or landed the entire time we spent there….For some reason the people that run the place seemed glad to have us there…Customs was run by a 8 year old kid! Gotta love rural Utah…. We said goodbyes and headed for home….


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