It’s Moab Thrash Season Again! Back To The Wagoneer Diesel. Cummins!

Well, here it is that special time of year again…..every spring I go to Moab with a few good friends….. Last year we went to the Maze district of Canyonlands and had a blast. My little 88 XJ Cherokee got us there and back with just a few little snags that were easily remedied. It also averaged 15 mpg. This is not so bad for a lifted cherokee on 33 inch swampers but it was just not good enough for me. Also had to pour in my spare fuel just short of Hite marina. So….. I’m finally gonna do the Cummins diesel swap in a fullsize Jeep. I have a good 12 valve VE pump Cummins motor, a Ford to Cummins breadtruck adapter…a ZF 5 speed that fits the adapter, clutch parts and a ’79 fullsize Cherokee 4 door (basically a wagoneer minus the woodgrain trim). Still need to find a transfercase and a few bits n pieces….but I’m sure I can find what I need in time. The Jeep already has a 4″ lift and 33 inch tires…. I’m figuring on needing another leaf or two in the front….I’ll see how it looks after I drop that motor in… This is going to be a cross country expedition type rig like my XJ has been. Just with a bit more space inside and I’m hoping for around 25 mpg with the diesel engine. My 7000 pound M715 does 25 mpg at around 70mph. 20 mpg averaging around 85 mph. Anybody know if they make Z speed rating superswampers? Just kidding! Anyhow, I know it’ll do much better than the XJ in a number of ways so look soon for pix and more goodies on this…


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