Wagoneer Diesel Is Coming Together!

I’ve been working on the Cummins Diesel Wagoneer project quite a bit lately… Got the motor mounts built and the motor installed in the chassis.  Installed a Hydroboost brake booster from a 77 Chevy K30 in place of the vacuum booster so there is room for the hydraulic clutch master cylinder. The clutch slave cylinder is from a 89 Ford F250. Its in front of the Ford ZF 5 speed so I’m using the matching master cylinder for it… There is room to mount it right next to the hydroboost unit in line with the clutch pedal.  Need to make a hole to mount it still… I’m using a factory pedal assembly from a J truck as it bolts right in. These vehicles used a mechanical clutch linkage originally…. I like a hydraulic clutch since it stays working as the frame twists and bends offroad. The same setup has been working reliably in the 715 for quite a while now….so I’m pretty much duplicating everything I did on that truck with this one… The fuel tank is in the way of the transfercase….so im currently thinkin of trying to install a Suburban 33 gallon tank in the back where the spare normally goes….I’m planning on mounting the spare on the back anyhow….so no prob there… Still need to build a trans crossmember  for it and get the t case installed…Im hoping to repurpose the original quadratrac lowrange shifter to operate the passenger side drop 208 t case. This is going to take a interesting little linkage to make it come together…I used a Dodge 205 ‘case shifter in the 715 but I don’t like how far I have to reach for it. The q-trac lever is right next to the driver seat and is easy to reach. Still have lots to get done…wiring…fuel system…shifter…driveshafts. And so much else..but hey…that’s stuff for another post…


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