Normally, I’d be doing the pre-Moab thrashfest to get one of my Jeeps ready for the BIG TRIP.

No big trip this year. At least not in the spring. A number of events have made some big changes in my life. First, Marge has decided after 10 years of life together that she is ready to move on. I’m ok with this too as our interests have changed over the years. We are going to do this totally peacefully and with much planning. Secondly, I had a two level fusion on my back on December 19. I’m at home. Resting. Not all that comfortable tho. It’ll be a few weeks before I’m really moving enough to really be functional.Third, I need to find a house that has a decent size workshop with room enough to put my Bridgeport mill, A 1941 South Bend 16 inch swing Lathe, Toolboxes, A 8000# car lift and someplace to park a bunch of old cars. Have about 25 right now. But will probably thin that by Half or so. I’ll post some pix of the ones I’ll sell here soon. Thanks everyone!


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