So, as mentioned earlier, I’m going to sell a few things. This 56 Internatonal is one of ’em.


I bought this a few years ago to spread some gravel around my driveway. It’s a 56 International V225 truck with a gas 549 V8. Has a 5 speed trans and a over-under brownie 3 speed auxillary trans. Air brakes that work. Air horn too! Is a blast to drive around as a toy which is about all I have really done with it. The dump works the 4 yard box wonderfully. These old trucks seldom pop up in this nice of condition as they generally got worked till the day they died. Not really sure how this one survived in this shape for nearly 60 years. I have seen 10 year old dumptrucks in WAY worse condition. Really only needs a fresh set of tires to be truly useable as-is due to the usual dry cracking  old tires get. That said, I drove it 100 miles to get it home as there’s no way It’s going to fit on any trailer I own.  It actually will do a real 60 mph! I’d guess the mileage is in the low single digits with this sort of truck. If you were worried about mileage….really…why were you even thinking you’d want such a thing…. anyhow, included in the$2200 asking price will be a 1/2 hour tutorial on how to drive a 5+3 transmission setup if you are not familiar with such things. These don’t have synchros. Back in the day a truck driver earned his pay and then some! Lets Keep this old iron away from the crusher! Seriously.  What I am asking for this is just barely more that It’s scrap value! And It looks great! The paint is certainly not show quality. If actually interested I’ll send some real pix of the truck and maybe even post a youtube video of it cruising the local streets just for fun. Would love to see this classic piece of American Iron go to someone who will continue its care and perhaps restore it to even nicer shape. Would be a awesome parade vehicle or workhorse.  Has a pintle hook hitch on the back and air brake connections for a trailer too! Also might consider interesting trades of similar value. Really am trying to thin the herd down a bit so keep in mind I’d rather not trade…..but hey, Tempt me…ya never know….


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