The Willys Diesel Truck is coming along!

So the Dana 53 is now installed under the back of the truck. Re-did the brake soft parts as the shoes and drums looked like new. Well, no sense in throwing away perfectly good stuff. Shortened  a factory driveshaft to connect the 231 transfercase to the 53 rear. The old driveshaft had the original factory style of U joints that have the little strap holding em together so the cups can’t fall off…..still nice and smooth….65 years later…greased ’em and installed the driveshaft. Another $25 bux saved there…and I’m guessing those 65 year old Spicer joints are way better than most of the parts store cheapies…. So, now I’m on to another interesting facet of this project. Clutch linkage. Normally, I would do a hydraulic setup for its ability to work properly as the vehicle twists and moves offroad. Well, that’ll happen eventually…for now, I’m going to build a classic Z-bar linkage out of a mess of factory z bar linkage. With some rod-ends thrown in to make it work as good as possible for the time being. A push rod will be going from the z bar to the hole in the AX-15 bellhousing where the external hydraulic slave cylinder normally bolts. Oughta be interesting using the original clutch pedal and such. Never tried this before. Might be just a big ‘ol mess. Also need to fab up some kind of transfercase shift linkage on the left side instead of on the right as it was before. I have an old T90 shifter stick I’ll weld onto the AX-15 shifter. It’ll  feel like it should. I’ll just have to remember where 1st and reverse are! The 5 speed fits under the factory floor but the shifter is going to come up behind the removable panel that originally covered the T90. No worries, I’ll have it looking good in no time.  Well, someone will. I’m still recovering from my surgery so an awful lot of this really is being performed by evil minions as I direct them to do my bidding….


These pix are what I started with. Pretty typical Farm-fresh old Willys.


Complete with some angle iron spring perch lift blocks! Those will be going away… There was no motor/trans/transfercase in this when I got it. Things are  changing fast for this one. Can’t wait!


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