Catching up. Time flies so fast. Done some fun stuff. Need to write more.

Lotta changes over the last couple years. Am a single guy again….10 years of  married life came to an end 2 years back….am happier for it in a lot of ways…but what ya gonna do? Still have the following projects….and a couple new ones.


The M715….Still running some 70k miles and 10 years later….the workhorse truck. Few things make me grumpier than this truck being broken. Irritatingly, the really rare and EXPENSIVE 4.10 gearset for the .500 pinion offset Dana 70 broke last fall. Still looking for a reasonable set. Currently running easier-to-get 4.56’s until I find some.


This Willys wagon found it’s way into my life a few years back. Has a 283 smallblock Chevy that was swapped into it when it was still nearly new. Recently swapped the 3 speed trans and a noisy, ailing 18 t-case for a slightly more modern TH400 automatic and Dana 20  t-case. Future plans involve swapping the 4.27 gears for something like 3.54 gears to give it some legs on the highway.


The Mercedes Diesel Comanche is still around….tho owned now by my brother….still getting mid 30’s for fuel mileage. Was recently driven on a 1200 mile roadtrip….did great.


My ’62 Austin Healey Sprite is coming along. Not finished yet….but is now street legal and have driven it a couple hundred miles. Is now put away for the winter….next summer should be fun.


Picked up this cute little ’65 A-100 van that had been parked since 1985. Factory V8 3-speed. Probably sell this one. (Can’t keep ’em all)


Picked up this solid old ’75 Jeep J10. Needs a new motor….otherwise is a awesome old survivor. Can’t wait to get started on it.

Aaaron 065

My much beloved flatfender “Frankie” is still around and running great. Frankie was so named because of the Frankenstein nature of it’s construction. Is made from parts sourced from a mess of other old Jeeps. 134 L-head powered, it has dragged itself to places that still amaze me. Transmission is a custom made Borg-Warner T19 granny gear 4 speed and mated to a 18 t-case.  Axles are a 27 front and 44 rear. Both 4.27 geared and powr-lok equipped.  Fun little Jeep.

47 pix 002

Got this poor abused CJ2A. Still 134 powered, it runs good….need to do some brake work and rust repair.

80 Cherokee 006

Got this ’80 Fullsize Jeep Cherokee Laredo. Nice old survivor. So fun to drive. This Jeep is currently for sale.


Sold my 1924 Model TT truck. Miss it terribly. Had to downsize tho….

26 t roadster

Kept my 1926 t Roadster pickup tho. Still a work in progress.

Lots more fun stuff to post…..but I’m going to save it for another time. Stay tuned!


One response to “Catching up. Time flies so fast. Done some fun stuff. Need to write more.

  1. Love the Jeep stories… make me wanna find another one to rebuild….

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