Ever worry that cars in traffic can’t see your vintage Jeep Wagon?

Driving old cars in today’s traffic can be fairly stressful. Doesn’t help to have manual steering and drum brakes either. Add into those problems the small taillights that many old cars have. Take for example my  black ’60 Willys Station Wagon.11059349_1577701372510659_1865234932686319816_n

The factory taillights provide a fairly minimal surface area for a single light bulb to shine thru.PART_1470529609293_20160806_163406

A bit tired looking. There is supposed to be a reflector there in that little round piece. I decided a modern LED light might be a better use for this spot.


These LED lights are fairly inexpensive. These were locally sourced for $6.99 ea. I’ll bet they can be had online even cheaper. But hey, the locals gotta eat too.


A minute later with a Unibit, it looked like this. The package suggests drilling a 3/4″ hole for the grommet to set in. I preferred the look sans-grommet and used the included grommet to retain the light from the backside and only drilled the hole to 5/8″ instead.


Here is the finished product. Not bad for a 40 minute project. Next on the list is a LED upgrade to replace the single bulb behind the stock lens. I have tried a few of the commercially available 1157 LED bulb replacements and I don’t like them. Not bright enough. I’ll be adapting something else. Stay tuned!


One response to “Ever worry that cars in traffic can’t see your vintage Jeep Wagon?

  1. Steven sanchez

    I like what you did with the LED in the rear. It looks great at night. I look foward to see what you do with the one behind the lens. You do know that they make replacement LED bulbs for the incandescent bulbs you may have.

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