An eccentric who loves JEEPS and has owned almost every kind out there including

  • a WWII GPW  (with Mercedes 2.2 diesel)
  • 10 or so ’45-’53 flatfenders
  • several other CJs
  • a Willys truck (with TBI 350 & 700R4)
  • Willys wagon (with 289 ford)
  • 4 different Wagoneers
  • a J10
  • a Commanche with a Mercedes diesel
  • several Cherokees
  • and a Cummins 6BT Powered M715
  • Still looking for a Jeep FC 150 or 170

Homer has ADD and Depression and has to get away from reality every once in a while. This is where Moab comes in. He has been captivated by the place since the early 1980’s before hardly anyone had ever heard of the place- and has been back there for “therapy” almost every year since, Hiking, Biking, Jeeping, Swimming, Running and Playing. Lots of playing…He is still trying to be a kid even if the years are adding up…

He does not believe in the Global Warming scam as perpetrated on us by politicians.  He does believe in being nice to the earth and is environmentally conscious. Treading lightly on our beautiful trails is the only way to play! Old cars and trucks and jeeps are a huge part of his life. He is very knowledgeable on fuel injection and mechanical aspects of motor vehicles, automotive history and historic preservation of Colorado landmarks. Rebuilding old polluting vehicles into modern (efficient) and safe fun toys to explore Colorado and Utah is more than just a pastime, it is a passion.


14 responses to “Homer

  1. Nice blog on the diesel-powered Comanche. When you changed over to the 300d engine, did you use the Mercedes 300d flywheel, or the 240d flywheel?


    • Yep, I used the 240d flywheel. I am aware of the balance issues…. but mine has no noticeable vibes. My friends who have done 240>300 manual swaps report similar results. The whole works is wayyyyy smoother than the cummins!!!!! Still getting ~30 mpg. Homer.

  2. Homer,

    You seem to be very knowledgeable on topics I’d like to try! Can I pick your brain please? I have a ’65 Willys wagon with the Tornado 230 engine – not in too bad shape.
    I want to update to a T19 (all synchro 4 spd) trans which you have used. Can you walk me through the process? I can source T19s from Ford or from a Scout II but want to keep the “sticks” as close to the position that I have with the stock T90 and D18 T-case in our Willys. I am worried that adaptors will result in the sticks ending up further back (very close to the bench seat). I also have a Koenigs Winch PTO on the back of the D18 T-case.
    Is there a version of the T19 that my trusty old D18 T-case will bolt up to without trouble (or adaptor)?

    Thanks for any advice…


    PS: I’m also interested in one day installing a Mercedes 300TD or a 240D… but that’s in the future.

    • Sorry it has taken me awhile to respond…. yes it is possible to do what you want with a T19 trans…but….you are going to need a lot of interesting pieces to do it…including a large hole spicer 18 transfercase. There are many many t18 /t19 variations… If you were ok with a T98 4 speed the m715 trucks had one bolted to a tornado already… Then you could use the 4×4 adapter and mainshaft from another jeep T98 or t18 to make it work with the 18 t-case (still need a large hole 18).. The t19 is a bit more challenging….

  3. Thanks for the reply – I have plenty of time to get advice on this topic since it’s generally too cold for my bones – little work for the next few months at least
    !My D18 transfer case should be the large hole (4″ version) hopefully because it’s a 1965 piece.
    I guess the first question is which T19 to get, Ford or Scout II. According to Novak Adaptors, the Scout version of the T19 is not practical to adapt to Jeep engines. I can’t help but wonder if they mean the earlier 226 six rather than my Tornado. Are the bellhousings the same for both and even for the M715?.
    I have to remove my existing T90 3 spd to replace the clutch – maybe that’s the time to check which T19 will fit the bellhousing…
    If you’ve been through all this before, which T19 should I look for – Ford or Scout II?
    I appreciate any info you can give me…

    • Well… the 226 and 230 share bellhousing designs for starters….When considering transmissions the scout trans is a pain to adapt to pretty much anything. I’ve done it…. but there is no bolt together options there… I have a backgroung as a machinist so nothing really slows me down there….Also there are 3 different ratios of t19 a 4-1 first gear a 5-1 and a 6.32-1 first gear. I need to go and double check how to do this but the easiest/cheapest way is usually drilling the Willys bellhousing pattern into the front of a ford t19 and then swapping the right length input shaft from a different application t18 into it ( yes they interchange as long as the ratios are the same ) For your Willys i’d probably use a 4-1 first gear unit since i’m guessing hard trail usage is not going to happen in that pretty little wagon of yours…. also id doubt the extra size of the t19 is going to fit under the floor without floorpan mods… they are MUCH bigger… Longer too…one of the reasons I tend to mate them directly to the bellhousing without a additional adapter.. Yes the t case will move backwards….tomorrow i’ll measure how much…..but it’s probly 4-5 inches…the levers would have to be heated and bent straight up like a t98 equipped CJ.. ( I have pics of one in a buddys factory equipped T98 4 speed ’64 CJ6) But long story short there are no “bolt together” options for doing this…Considered a borg warner automatic from a 230 Wagoneer?


  4. Wow! Homer, this does sound like a real “project”!

    Thanks for not telling me to take a long walk off a short pier!
    No, I’m a manual trans type of guy – would prefer to avoid the BW auto if at all possible.
    Drilling into the front face of the T19 trans sounds interesting – I wouldn’t have expected there would be enough space…
    So I need a Ford 4/1 T19 and T18 input shaft.plus a can opener for the trans tunnel. T98 transmissions were an option for wagons and trucks so I thought there might be enough space for the T18/19 – guess not.

    I look forward to the measurements…



    The other problem would be my Koenig’s PTO attached to the back of the Transfer case, which would move backwards…

    • Yep the pto shaft will have to be extended.. Never have seen a factory willys utility with a t98….not sure factory offered it in these….i’ll look in my factory service manual.. Drilling and tapping the trans case is no prob…its at least twice as thick as the bellhousing is so strength is not a prob there… Don’t blame ya for not liking the b/w auto…nobody does… We never discussed the back end of the transmission. You need a scout t19 output shaft and transfercase adapter to attach the transfercase to… T18 one is slightly different. Scout adapter holes are then drilled into back of ford trans. the adapter centers itself on the output shaft bearing so line up is easy. This adapter requires a large hole t-case which you may already have…Novak and Advance adapters sell this adapter as well with the correct output shaft. Will be quite a project for sure.


  5. Homer, I’ve been phoning around to see if any local wreckers have the transmissions needed for this project. Prices are high so far – not much luck with the Scout output shaft part and adaptor. Up here in the north, the junkyard supplies are much more limited than in the States (1/10th the population).
    I’ll keep looking as there is no rush on this job, but will probably have to “bite the bullet” and buy some parts from Novak!
    Thanks again for your detailed explanation of what is needed. If you do have any pictures of this setup or sources of used parts, I would love to see/hear about them!

    Your student in Willys Jeep non-purist crimes…


    • I may be able to find and send you some of these pieces…I dont have much of this stuff around but can probably source it up if you have time….I have a really good source for this stuff here in Denver. And he is very reasonable… he is also a dealer for advance adapters. I have been working crazy hours and have had very little time to go play in the “toy factory” but i’ll keep playing with this idea….


  6. Thank you Homer!
    I also have many projects as well as plenty of regular work, so there is no rush on this Willys enterprise!
    I also have to find a new clutch kit but haven’t tried yet.
    My son is building a little box that will allow my Chevy fuel tank sender to correctly inform the Willys fuel gauge. This involves an “Ardvino board”, a little programming and some ‘electrical McTrickery’.

    Cheers from up north


  7. Homer, how much is that M38 frame worth that I got from you with the 3A? Trying to decide if it’s worth hauling out to sell or just scrap it.

    Terry zwart

  8. Hello Homer,
    Trust you are well… it’s been some time since I bothered you with my possible T19 adaptation to the 230 OHC Willys engine. I have a line on an M715 bell housing but haven’t been able to find the suitable T18 input shaft and Scout adaptor/output shaft for the D18 T-case. I just missed getting a really nice close ratio T19…

    You kindly offered to keep an eye out for such useful parts (supplier in Denver) – have you come across anything by chance?

    Thank you


  9. Homer do you have a measurement for total length of hollow qtrac shaft?also what is the thickness of adaptor plate for low range unit to tfer case?

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